10 Facts about Love Canal

Post On: March 19, 2017
By: Agustina

A neighborhood located inside the Niagara Falls in New York is explained on Facts about Love Canal.  The history of this area is always linked with the pollution disaster due to the presence of a landfill. It covered 16-acre land, which became the center of the pollution and affected the health of Love Canal’s inhabitants. Thus, the Superfund cleanup operation was conducted extensively to deal with the high level of pollution.

Facts about Love Canal 1: the original intention

Love Canal was established to serve as the model community in 1890s. Then it served as a residential neighborhood. Hooker Chemical Company bought it later.

Facts about Love Canal

Facts about Love Canal

Facts about Love Canal 2: the national attention

The national attention was directed to Love Canal after the local school district bought it. The area was used to dump the massive toxic waste, which affected the public health of the residents who lived in Love Canal.

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Facts about Love Canal 3: relocating the residents

Due to the negative health effect of the pollution, many families who lived in Love Canal had to be displaced.

Facts about Love Canal 4: the health effect

The residents of Love Canal had to deal with negative health effects such as leukemia and high red blood cell counts. The long-standing health issues were prevalent among the residents.

Love Canal Disaster

Love Canal Disaster

Facts about Love Canal 5: the Superfund law

The Superfund law was passed by the federal government to deal with the pollution disaster in Love Canal. The neighborhood would be demolished for the extensive cleanup operation. In 2004, it was completed.

Facts about Love Canal 6: the location of Love Canal

The location of Love Canal is on the northwestern part of New York in the city of Niagara Falls.

Love Canal Map

Love Canal Map

Facts about Love Canal 7: the end of superfund cleanup

The official announcement of the end of superfund cleanup program was informed in 2004. The total budget for the process, which lasted for 21 years, was $400 million.

Facts about Love Canal 8: the number of displaced families

The number of families, which had been displaced from Love Canal, was 950 families. The commercial developers have purchased a 150-acre area located east of the canal.

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Facts about Love Canal 9: Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal

Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal was a TV film used the pollution disaster as their primary theme. It was released in 1982.

Love Canal Protest

Love Canal Protest

Facts about Love Canal 10: In Our Own Backyard

In 1983, In Our Own Backyard by Lynn Corcoran was released and earned an Oscar for documentary movie.

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