10 Facts about Malia Obama

Post On: May 2, 2017
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Facts about Malia Obama tell us about a daughter of Barrack Obama, the former President of United States. The public actually is curious about the life of Obama daughters.  The private life of Malia is protected. Malia had lived in the white house for eight years. She is the eldest daughter of Obama. People are interested to her more for she will become an adult. Let us get other interesting facts about Malia Obama below:

Facts about Malia Obama 1: Spanish language

During the first official trip to Cuba, Malia became the translator of her father, Barrack Obama. She is fluent in Spanish.

Facts about Malia Obama 2: Harvard University

Malia will be enrolled to Harvard University in the fall of 2017. It seems that she is interested to follow the pathway of his father.

Malia Obama Facts

Malia Obama Facts

Facts about Malia Obama 3: internship

It is very interesting to know that Malia will follow an internship. She will be in Madrid, Spain to become an intern for United Embassy.

Facts about Malia Obama 4:  education

The name of her sister is Sasha. Both of them had been educated at Sidwell Friends School.  It was the similar school attended by Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill Clinton. The school is the prestigious one in United States.

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Facts about Malia Obama 5: a fashion icon

Do you know that Malia is considered as a fashion icon? There is no need to wonder that the famous magazines such as In Style and Teen Vogue featured her fashion styles. People admire how she dresses up.

Malia Obama Pic

Malia Obama Pic

Facts about Malia Obama 6: film and internship

It seems that Malia is interested in film. She had followed internship in a number of movies or TV series. She was an intern in Extent. It was one of series of Halle Berry. She also worked with Lena Dunham on the set of Girls.

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Facts about Malia Obama 7: chores

Even though Malia and Sasha lived in a white house with many servants and staffs, both still had chores to do. Every morning, Malia had to make her bed according to the ABC news report.

Facts about Malia Obama 8: tennis

When Malia was in high school, she joined the varsity tennis team. She plays tennis well.

Malia Obama

Malia Obama

Facts about Malia Obama 9: allergies

Do you know that Malia has allergies? The Obama’s family selected as a Portuguese water dog named Bo.

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Facts about Malia Obama 10: a doll

Mali was honored with a Marvelous Malia doll created by Ty Inc in 2009.

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