10 Facts about Mamie Smith

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Facts about Mamie Smith will tell the readers about the famous American vaudeville singer. She was born on 26th May 1883 and died on 16th September 1946. She was also recognized as an actress, pianist and dancer. Jazz and blues were the primary musical styles that Smith performed on stage. She earned the record as the first African-American artist to have vocal blues recording in 1920.

Facts about Mamie Smith 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Smith was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The birth record about her is not known until today.

Facts about Mamie Smith 2: the career

The beginning of her career was with the Four Dancing Mitchells where she followed the act in a touring at the age of 10. Then she became a dancer for Salem Tutt Whitney’s Smart Set as a teen.

Facts about Mamie Smith

Facts about Mamie Smith

Facts about Mamie Smith 3:  marriage

Her husband was a singer. His name was William “Smithy” Smith. After the marriage, she was not called as Mamie Robinson anymore.

Facts about Mamie Smith 4: recording

“That Thing Called Love” and “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” were the two notable recording songs of Smith on 14th February 1920. She was considered as the first black who had the blues record.

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Facts about Mamie Smith 5: Fred Hagar

Fred Hagar was persuaded by Perry Bradford known as the African-American songwriter and bandleader to have Smith recorded her songs. Hagar had to deal with the threats from the Southern and Northern groups who would boycott the company if he recorded African American singers.

Mamie Smith Pic

Mamie Smith Pic

Facts about Mamie Smith 6: the commercial success

Even though Hagar was threatened, he still recorded the beautiful voice of Smith.  The African-American musicians and singers were acknowledged due to the commercial success that Mamie had after the recording.

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Facts about Mamie Smith 7: the biggest hit

On 10th August 1920, she recorded a number of songs, which became her famous hits. In less than a year, “Crazy Blues” and “It’s Right Here for You (If You Don’t Get It, ‘Tain’t No Fault of Mine)” had been sold more than a million copies. The African Americans were the primary buyers.

Facts about Mamie Smith 8: “Crazy Blues”

In 1994, Gramm Hall of Fame inducted “Crazy Blues” because it played an important part in the history of music.

mamie smith Facts

mamie smith Facts

Facts about Mamie Smith 9: classic female blues

The era called classic female blues is always associated with Mamie Smith.

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Facts about Mamie Smith 10: the nickname

Smith was often dubbed as the Queen of the Blues.

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