10 Facts about Marcel Duchamp

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Get Facts about Marcel Duchamp to know the naturalized American painter. He was also known as a writer, chess player and sculptor. He was born on July 28th, 1887 and died on October 2nd, 1968. His full name was Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp. The artworks of Duchamp are often connected with Dada, conceptual art and Cubism. Nevertheless, he did not share any direct relation with the Dada groups. Here are other interesting facts about Marcel Duchamp.

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 1: the contributions

Duchamp is one of the artists who contributed to the development of plastic art in 20th century along with his contemporaries Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 2: the intention

Duchamp created the art not to please the eyes, but the mind. Therefore, he rejected the artworks of his contemporaries like Henri Matisse.

Facts about Marcel Duchamp

Facts about Marcel Duchamp

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Duchamp was at Blainville-Crevon in Normandy, France. His family was in love with various cultural works. The house was filled with the art of his maternal grandfather. His name was Émile Frédéric Nicolle.

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 4: the cultural activities

The family of Duchamp liked to enjoy various activities such as making music, painting, reading books, and playing chess.

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Facts about Marcel Duchamp 5: brothers

His siblings were also artists. Suzanne Duchamp-Crotti was known as a painter. Raymond Duchamp-Villon worked as a sculptor. On the other hand, Jacques Villon was known as a printmaker and painter.

Marcel Duchamp Facts

Marcel Duchamp Facts

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 6: schooling

He went to Rouen to study Lycée Pierre-Corneille. His friends in the class like Pierre Dumont and Robert Antoine Pichon became notable artists.

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Facts about Marcel Duchamp 7: the best subject at schools

Mathematics was the best subject for Duchamp at school where he earned two prizes of mathematics.

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 8: drawing

In 1903, Duchamp appeared as a winner for drawing competition. He earned the first prize in 1904, which aspired him to be an artist.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Facts about Marcel Duchamp 9: the artistic mentor

Jacques Villon was the brother of Marcel who taught him about art though his teacher tried to made him stay away from the influences of avant-garde, Post-impressionism and impressionism.

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Facts about Marcel Duchamp 10: the early works

Duchamp applied the Post-impressionism in his early works.  He was also associated with dada movement due to his work, Fountain. In 1917, it was exhibited by Society of Independent Artists.

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