10 Facts about Marco Polo

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Look at the information about the famous Venetian merchant traveler on Facts about Marco Polo. He was born in 1254 and died on 8-9 January 1324. Livres des merveilles du monde is the book, which narrates the travel of Marco Polo circa 1300. The book is also known under the title The Travels of Marco Polo or Books of the Marvels of the World. The book provided Marco Polo’s description about the wealth of China and other countries and cities in Asia.

Facts about Marco Polo 1: Niccolò and Maffeo

Niccolò and Maffeo were the father and uncle of Marco Polo who taught him on how to be a merchant.

Facts about Marco Polo 2: an epic journey to Asia

An epic journey to Asia was conducted by Niccolò and Maffeo after coming back to Venice to see Marco for the first time in 1269. Marco followed the journey.

Facts about Marco Polo

Facts about Marco Polo

Facts about Marco Polo 3: the war

When Marco returned from his journey to Asia, Venice and Genoa were at war. He narrated his epic stories into a cellmate while living in imprisonment.

Facts about Marco Polo 4: release from the prison

In 1299, he was released from the prison. He married and got three kids. Marco Polo was also known as a rich merchant.

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Facts about Marco Polo 5: death

In 1324, Marco Polo passed away. The burial was located in Venice at Church of San Lorenzo.

Marco Polo Facts

Marco Polo Facts

Facts about Marco Polo 6: reaching China

If you think that the first European who reached China was Marco Polo, you are wrong. However, he was the first person who gave detailed description about China. Columbus was inspired by the experience of Marco Polo.

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Facts about Marco Polo 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Marco Polo was located in Republic of Venice. The information related to his exact birthplace and date of birth is not known until today.

Facts about Marco Polo 8: Rustichello da Pisa

Rustichello da Pisa was the cellmate of Marco Polo who heard the detail story of his experience in China.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Facts about Marco Polo 9: the manuscript form

The manuscript form of Marco Polo’s story was distributed into Europe. It was very popular at that time. It gave the Europeans a hint of the life in China, Japan and India.

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Facts about Marco Polo 10: personal life

His wife was the daughter of a merchant named Donata Badoèr. The couple married in 1300.

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