10 Facts about Margaret Fuller

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Check the interesting information about the American journalist on Facts about Margaret Fuller. She was born on 23rd May 1810 and died on 19th July 1850. She was one of the leading figures in the American transcendentalism movement. People also recognize her as a women’s rights advocate and critic. Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli worked in journalism as the first full-time black book reviewer. The first prominent work of feminist in US was represented by the book of Fuller under the title Woman in the Nineteenth Century. If you are curious about Fuller, why don’t you check the whole post below?

Facts about Margaret Fuller 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Fuller was located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Timothy Fuller was her father who taught her in the early years of her life.

Facts about Margaret Fuller 2: formal schooling

Fuller worked as a teacher after she received formal education. In 1840, she worked for The Dial, a transcendentalist journal as the first editor.

Margaret Fuller House

Margaret Fuller House

Facts about Margaret Fuller 3: the career in 1844

In 1844, Fuller worked under Horace Greeley for New York Tribune as a staff.

Facts about Margaret Fuller 4: reputation

Fuller had impressive reputation when she was in her 30s. In New England, her work was popular. Moreover, she was allowed to access the library located at Harvard College.

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Facts about Margaret Fuller 5: the seminal work

In 1845, Woman in the Nineteenth Century was published in the market. Do you know that it was considered as the seminal work of Fuller?

Facts about Margaret Fuller

Facts about Margaret Fuller

Facts about Margaret Fuller 6: the first female correspondent

The first female correspondent sent by the Tribune to Europe was Fuller.  Giuseppe Mazzini became her ally during the revolution in Italy.

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Facts about Margaret Fuller 7: personal life

Fuller had a child with Giovanni Ossoli. In 1850, Fuller, Ossoli and their child were traveling in US and died because of a shipwreck off Fire Island, New York. It was unfortunate that the body of Fuller is never discovered.

Facts about Margaret Fuller 8: women’s rights activist

Fuller was recognized as a women’s rights activist. She focused on the right of women to get better job and education.

Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller

Facts about Margaret Fuller 9: reforms

During her life, she also supported a number of reforms such as emancipation of slaves and prison reforms.

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Facts about Margaret Fuller 10: inspiration

Fuller was known as an inspiring figure for other feminists and women’s right activists.

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