10 Facts about Mark Wheeller

Post On: June 6, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Mark Wheeller tell the readers with the famous British author. The famous plays written by Wheeller included Too Much Punch for Judy, Missing Dan Nolan and Hard to Swallow. Wheeller, John Godber and Alan Ayckbourn are mostly studied due to their contemporary plays. There is no need to wonder that the works of Wheeler have been included in Edexcel GCSE Drama examinations since 2003. Let us check other interesting facts about Mark Wheeller below:

Facts about Mark Wheeller 1: One Million To Stop The Traffik

The play of Wheeller, which talks about human trafficking, is One Million To Stop The Traffik. It made him appear as a winner at the All England Theatre Festival.

Facts about Mark Wheeller 2: Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide (2009) was Edexcel GCSE Drama co-written by Wheeller. He also sat at the board as the Assistant Principal Examiner.

Facts about Mark Wheeller

Facts about Mark Wheeller

Facts about Mark Wheeller 3: the role of Wheeller

Wheeller serves as a teacher-trainer and teacher at schools. Wheeller started to write since he was at school. He had a dream to become the next Ziggy Stardust.

Facts about Mark Wheeller 4: the recent works

The recent works of Wheeller was launched in March 2017.  He made two plays as a tribute for Mick Ronson and David Bowie. Both are two prominent figures in the music world.

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Facts about Mark Wheeller 5: Too Much Punch for Judy

One of the most notable works of Wheeler is Too Much Punch for Judy.  This play has been performed in many parts of the world.

Mark Wheeller Work

Mark Wheeller Work

Facts about Mark Wheeller 6: the number of performance

Do you know that Too Much Punch for Judy has been performed 6009 times as of March 2017?

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Facts about Mark Wheeller 7: writing Too Much Punch for Judy

Wheeller wrote Too Much Punch for Judy in 1987. Today, it has been performed in at least 16 different countries in the world.

Facts about Mark Wheeller 8: set texts

The works of Wheeller play an important in the academics for it is included in the set texts of Drama GCSE 1-9 specifications in 2015. The plays of Wheeller set, as the texts are Hard to Swallow and Missing Dan Nolan.

Mark Wheeller

Mark Wheeller

Facts about Mark Wheeller 9: personal life

Rachel is the wife of Wheeller. The couple has three kids. They are Daisy, Charlie and Ollie.

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Facts about Mark Wheeller 10: retirement

Wheeller is still running for Oasis Youth Theatre until March 2017 even though he has retired as a teacher at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill.

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