10 Facts about Marshall Plan

Post On: June 12, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Marshall Plan inform us with an American initiative for the Western European aid. In the past, it had the official name of European Recovery Program. The aid provided Western Europe with more than $13 billion from United States. As of June 2016, the aid was valued at $130 billion. The aid was intended to help the Western European countries who had to deal with the destructive effect of the Second World War. Get other interesting facts about Marshall Plan by reading the following post below:

Facts about Marshall Plan 1: the operation

The start of the operation took place on 8th April 1948. It lasted for four years.

Facts about Marshall Plan 2: the goals

Do you know the goals of Marshall Plan? It was used to eliminate the trade barriers, make the industries modern, restore the damaged areas in Western Europe, anticipate the spread of communism and increase the prosperity of Western Europe.

Marshall Plan Pic

Marshall Plan Pic

Facts about Marshall Plan 3: the largest recipient

Almost 26 percent of the total cash of Marshall Plan went to United Kingdom. It was the largest recipient. France got 18 percent. Germany earned 11 percent.

Facts about Marshall Plan 4: the Plan benefits

The Plan benefits were given to 18 countries in Europe. It was rejected by Soviet Union even though the country was offered.

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Facts about Marshall Plan 5: Soviet Union

The Eastern Bloc countries like Poland and East Germany could not access the Plan benefits because it was blocked by Soviet Union.

Marshall Plan Facts

Marshall Plan Facts

Facts about Marshall Plan 6: the aid programs

The aid programs in Asia were also established by United States. However, they were not under Marshall Plan.

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Facts about Marshall Plan 7: the name of the program

The name of the program was to honor the US Army Chief of Staff during the Second World War. His name was George Marshall who served as the US Secretary of State.

Facts about Marshall Plan 8: the support

In Washington DC, Marshall Plan earned bipartisan support. The US president was Harry S. Truman who controlled the White House. He was a Democrat. On the other hand, the Congress was controlled by the Republicans.

Facts about Marshall Plan

Facts about Marshall Plan

Facts about Marshall Plan 9: the creator of the plan

The State Department officials were the creators of Marshall Plan. In June 1947, Marshall stated the urgency to aid the Western Europe after the war when he was at Harvard.

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Facts about Marshall Plan 10: the effectiveness

The Marshall Plan was not effective due to the rejection of Soviet Union.

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