Top 10 Facts about Lefties

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Facts about Lefties will talk about the handedness of the people. It is used to define the individual preference when using a hand. If you are lefties, it means you prefer to use the left hand to do various activities. Besides lefties, there are three other types of handedness. They are the ambidexterity, mixed handedness and right-handedness. It is less common for women to have left-handedness than men are. Let us check the complete information about lefties below:

Facts about Lefties 1: the most common handedness

The most common type of handedness is not the left-handedness, but the right-handedness. Around 88 to 92 percent of the people in the world use their right hand to perform various tasks.

lefties Facts

lefties Facts

Facts about Lefties 2: the left-handedness

The left-handedness is used to define an individual who prefer to use their left hand to perform various tasks.

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Facts about Lefties 3: the number of left-handed people

The number of left-handed people in the world is around 10 percent of the population.

Facts about Lefties 4: other types of handedness

The other types of handedness are the ambidexterity and mixed handedness. The former one allows you to do any task using the left and right hands. The latter one is used to define the change of left or right hand when performing the task.

lefties writing

lefties writing

Facts about Lefties 5: inheritance

The complex inheritance pattern is spotted on the handedness. The changes of having the left-handed kids are around 26 percent if both parents of the kids are lefties.

Facts about Lefties 6: diethylstilbestrol

Diethylstilbestrol is defined as a synthetic estrogen found in fertility drug. The males exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero were more like to become lefties based on the study of CDC in 2003.



Facts about Lefties 7:  the baby’s position

Handedness is also affected by the birth position as well as the position of the baby during the final trimester.

Facts about Lefties 8: ultrasound

The pregnant women exposed to ultrasound have higher rate of having the child with left-handedness. The theory states that the brain of the unborn children may be affected by the ultrasound exposure.

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Facts about Lefties 9: the over representation of lefties in sport

The over representation of lefties is seen in interactive sports such as tennis, cricket, badminton and table tennis. Around 50 percent of the participants in fencing is left handed people.

Facts about Lefties

Facts about Lefties

Facts about Lefties 10: International Left-Handers Day

On 13th August, people celebrate the annual International Left Handers Day.

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