Top 10 Facts about London Bridge

Post On: March 3, 2017
By: Agustina

The historical bridge in United Kingdom is elaborated on Facts about London Bridge.  The bridge is considered as a cultural icon. When people think about Britain, they will picturize Big Ben, Red London Buses and London Bridge. The bridge is located over the famous River Thames. It connects the City of London and Southwark. You will know the history and construction of London Bridge by reading the following post below:

Facts about London Bridge 1:  the first opening

London Bridge first was only constructed from concrete and steel when it was opened in 1973 for traffic. The bridge was only a box girder.

London Bridge Facts

London Bridge Facts

Facts about London Bridge 2: the stone arched bridge

London Bridge was made of concrete and steel. It was a stone arched bridge in 19th century, which replaced the timber bridge.

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Facts about London Bridge 3: the Romans

The Roman founders of London established the timber bridge over River Thames.

Facts about London Bridge 4: the current bridge

The western need of Pool of London features the current London Bridge. From the preceded alignment, the current bridge is located 98 feet or 30 m upstream.

London Bridge

London Bridge

Facts about London Bridge 5: the end of the bridge

The end of London Bridge was marked at the southern shore by the presence of Southwark Cathedral and northern bank at St Magnus-the-Martyr during the middle Ages. London Bridge earned a special status among the people when it was the only way for road crossing of River Thames before the opening of Putney Bridge in 1729.

Facts about London Bridge 6: the importance of London Bridge

London Bridge is not only a cultural symbol. It is also important in literature and art. Have you ever heard about “London Bridge Is Falling Down”? It is a popular nursery rhyme inspired from the bridge.

London Bridge Image

London Bridge Image

Facts about London Bridge 7: the maintenance and owner

Bridge House Estates maintains and owns the modern London Bridge. The City of London Corporation oversees the independent charity.

Facts about London Bridge 8: the first construction of the bridge

The Roman military first constructed the non-permanent bridge over River Thames as a quick shortcut.

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Facts about London Bridge 9: the end of Roman Rule

The bridge over River Thames was neglected after the end of Roman Rule in Britain in the beginning of the fifth century.

Facts about London Bridge

Facts about London Bridge

Facts about London Bridge 10: About a Boy

About a Boy is a movie released in 2002, which depicts London Bridge. During the morning rush hour, the actor Hugh Grant crosses the bridge.

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