Top 10 Facts about Masdar City

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Are you curious to know Facts about Masdar City? You need to read the whole post about a planned city protect located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Masdar is a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, which builds the core of Masdar City. Government of Abu Dhabi is the major provider for Masdar City. The prominent features in Masdar City are the uses of renewable energy sources like solar energy. Forster and Partners is the British architectural firm, which designed Masdar City. Here are other interesting facts about Masdar City to notice:

Facts about Masdar City 1: the construction site

The construction of Masdar City is next to Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is 11 miles or 17 km of Abu Dhabi city.

Facts about Masdar City 2: the importance event

IRENA, which stands for International Renewable Energy Agency, is hosted within Masdar City.

Facts about Masdar City

Facts about Masdar City

Facts about Masdar City 3: the clean teach companies

The clean tech companies will use Masdar City as their prominent hub.

Facts about Masdar City 4: the first tenant

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is considered as the first tenant housed in Masdar City. In September 2010, the campus has been relocated to the city.

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Facts about Masdar City 5: the project

Masdar leads the project of Masdar City.   The estimated cost for the project was around US$18 to US$22 billion. It will cover 2.3 square miles or 6 sq km of area. The initiative of the project began in 2006.

Masdar City Facts

Masdar City Facts

Facts about Masdar City 6:  the phase

The first phase of Masdar City was estimated to complete in 2009. It would need around 8 years to finish the whole project.  In 2008, the construction of Masdar City took place. In October 2010, the first six buildings in the city were ready to inhabit.

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Facts about Masdar City 7: the completion

The completion will take place between 2020 and 2025. It was delayed because of the global financial crisis.

Facts about Masdar City 8: the people and building

Masdar City would have 1,500 businesses. It would be occupied by 45,000 to 50,000 people. The businesses will be centered on the production of environmentally friendly products.

Masdar City Image

Masdar City Image

Facts about Masdar City 9: the partners

Siemens Venture Capital, Credit Suisse and Consensus Business Group are the partners in building Masdar City.

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Facts about Masdar City 10: employment

Masdar was a home to 2,000 employees in 2016.

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