10 Facts about Leeks

Post On: December 19, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Leeks impress us with the detail information about a vegetable. The stalk or stem of the leeks is considered as the edible part even though actually it is the bundle of the leaf sheaths.  In the past, leeks had various scientific names. Today, all of them are considered as the cultivars of A. Ampeloprasum.  Other members of the cultivars include kurrat and elephant garlic. The name leek itself is taken from leac, an Anglo-Saxon word. Find out other interesting facts about leeks below:

Facts about Leeks 1: the differences of leeks, garlic and onion

Leeks have close relationship with garlic and onion even though the latter ones are included in the genus Allium. Moreover, leeks have the bundles of leaf sheaths in long cylinder shape. The onion and garlic have a tight bulb.

Leek Saute

Leek Saute

Facts about Leeks 2: planting leeks

Leeks are hardy if they have been planted in the garden. During the winter season, you just have to leave it and harvest it when you need it.

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Facts about Leeks 3: the summer leeks

The summer leeks are considered as the common types of cultivars of leeks. When they are planted, the people hope to harvest the leeks in the season.

Facts about Leeks 4: the overwintering leeks

The people who plant the overwintering leeks are interested to harvest the plants in the following planting during the spring season.



Facts about Leeks 5: the differences of overwintering and summer leeks

The stronger flavors are perceived on the overwintering leeks. The summer leaks have smaller shape.

Facts about Leeks 6: the cultivars

The cultivars of leeks include the Tadorna Blue and King Richard.



Facts about Leeks 7: the easy to grow plants

Leeks are considered as the easy to grow plants. You can harvest it 6 months after it is planted for extended harvest.

Facts about Leeks 8: the soil

The type of soil for leeks to grow should be well drained and loose.

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Facts about Leeks 9: the maturity

During the fall months, leeks will reach the maturity.

Facts about Leeks

Facts about Leeks

Facts about Leeks 10: how to cook with leeks

Leeks may add flavor to the foods. Some people decide to add the leeks on the stock or sauté the leeks. Chop the leeks with the thickness of 5 to 10 mm. If you want to preserve the taste of leeks, you can fry the leaves. If you are interested to enjoy the mild and soft taste of leeks, you can boil it.

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