10 Facts about Lobbyist

Post On: February 26, 2017
By: Agustina

The act for influencing others to comply the decisions or policies is called lobbying or persuasion. The person who does the job is called the lobbyist. Let me show you useful facts about lobbyist if you read the whole post. This act is conducted by the regulatory agencies or even legislators.  All people can become a lobbyist. The corporations, advocacy groups, organized groups, fellow legislators, and individuals in the private sectors may do lobbying.

Facts about Lobbyist 1: the professional lobbyist

The individual or group hires the professional lobbyist to influence the policies, actions, decisions, regulation and legislation.

Facts about Lobbyist

Facts about Lobbyist

Facts about Lobbyist 2: a voluntarily act

Some individuals have the lobbying action as a part of their voluntarily job to help the nonprofit organization and individuals. For instance, an activist meets a legislator without being paid.

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Facts about Lobbyist 3: the influential lobbyist

The influential lobbyist is often regulated and defined by the government.

Facts about Lobbyist 4: the dual edged style

The dual edged morality and ethics are spotted on the lobbyists. Lobbyist often speaks with disapproval when the people use the power to twist the law from fairness to benefit them.

Lobbyist Activity

Lobbyist Activity

Facts about Lobbyist 5: a conflict of interest

The conflict of interest occurs when an individual has different interest from his or her private party. This condition may lead into the agent misdirection.

Facts about Lobbyist 6: the example of agent misdirection

The example of agent misdirection can be seen when the government officials fail to serve the public interest by focusing on the party’s interest or individual’s interest. However, lobbying is made to ensure that fairness is served for the public interest.

Lobbyist Rules

Lobbyist Rules

Facts about Lobbyist 7: lobbying in medical association

One of the best examples of lobbying act is conducted by the medical association. The lobbyist on the behalf of medical association may suggest the legislature to improve the restriction related to the smoking prevention laws. They believe that smoking is not good for the people’s health.

Facts about Lobbyist 8: the tobacco companies

The tobacco companies will also have lobbyists to influence the legislature to reduce the restriction of smoking. They believe that smoking cigarette is a part of freedom.

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Facts about Lobbyist 9: the roots of lobbying

The lobbying act is believed to have rooted from gathering in Houses of Parliament in United Kingdom.



Facts about Lobbyist 10: the definition of lobbyist

A lobbyist is defined as an individual who tries to influence legislation. On the other hand, lobby or lobbying is defined as action to influence the decision of legislation or government.

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