10 Facts about London Blitz

Post On: March 3, 2017
By: Agustina

The heavy air raid, which stroke Britain in 1940-1941, is explained on Facts about London Blitz. The word the Blitz is taken from the German word of Blitzkrieg. It means lightning war. London Blitz took place during the World War 2. The primary target of NAZI Germany was to destroy the civilian center and industries on London.  Let us find out other historical facts about London Blitz below:

Facts about London Blitz 1: the German intelligence

The German intelligence confirmed that the Luftwaffe was close enough to defeat the RAF or Royal Air Force two months after the battle by September 1940.

Facts about The Blitz

Facts about The Blitz

Facts about London Blitz 2: the order to attack London

After the intelligence made the report, London was attacked by Luftflotten or German air fleets.

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Facts about London Blitz 3: Adolf Hitler

When we talk about the Second World War, Adolf Hitler is always the central person. The German Air Force or Luftwaffe was under his command.

Facts about London Blitz 4: the bombed London

Luftwaffe bombed London systematically from September 7, 1940. The German air force was drawn back after it is lost on September 15th, 1940 for they focused on the daylight attack. To stay away from the RAF defenses, the German decided to launch the nocturnal attack.

The Blitz Facts

The Blitz Facts

Facts about London Blitz 5: the importance of the Blitz

The Blitz was a proof of German’s failure toward the Operation Sea Lion planned by German to invade Great Britain.

Facts about London Blitz 6: other targets

Besides the civilian center and industries in London, the German air force also destroyed the industrial center and ports located outside London.

The Blitz History

The Blitz History

Facts about London Blitz 7: Liverpool

The bombing also took place in Liverpool where the German force attacked the major Atlantic seaport.

Facts about London Blitz 8: the ports

Many ports were targeted by German such as the ports located in Southampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff.

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Facts about London Blitz 9: the life of British

During the air raid by German, the commoners of Britain had to live in fear. Over 40,000 civilians were killed during the bombing. The people also lose more than one million of houses.

Facts about London Blitz

Facts about London Blitz

Facts about London Blitz 10: the end of invasion

The threat of Germans to invade Britain ended by May 1941. Hitler decided to focus on invading Soviet Union by establishing Operation Barbarossa.

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