10 Facts about London Dungeon

Post On: March 4, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about London Dungeon talk about one of the popular tourist attractions in London. The special effects, live actors and rides are found in the dungeon. It tries to narrate the gallows human style through the macabre historical events. At first, London Dungeon was opened as a museum dedicated for macabre history in 1974. Then the attraction is improved into interactive style by having actors. Let us get other fun facts about London Dungeon below:

Facts about London Dungeon 1: the operator

Merlin Entertainments is the operator of London Dungeon.

London Dungeon Logo

London Dungeon Logo

Facts about London Dungeon 2: the location

The current location of London Dungeon is next to London Eye in County Hall. It was initially set up on Tooley Street before 2013.

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Facts about London Dungeon 3: the features

If you visit London Dungeon, you can access three rides and enjoy 18 shows. Moreover, it has 20 actors where they will take the notable roles as Sweeney Todd, the Judge, The Plague Doctor, The Torturer, and Jack the Ripper.  The macabre history takes the visitors to get close with 1000 years of London.

Facts about London Dungeon 4: the specials

The shows and performances in London Dungeon are not boring for they are set with special effects. The theatrical sets are amazing.

London Dungeon Map

London Dungeon Map

Facts about London Dungeon 5: the historical events

Some of the historical events performed in the shows of London Dungeon include the Gunpowder Plot and Black Death.

Facts about London Dungeon 6: the participation of visitors

During the shows, the visitors are allowed to participate in the event. The trilling shows include a public hanging and a free-fall ride.

London Dungeon

London Dungeon

Facts about London Dungeon 7: who founded London Dungeon?

Annabel Geddes was the founder of London Dungeon. It was established in 1974. It was used to present the gory scene in the form of museum of macabre history. Thomas Beckett, Mary Tudor and Boudicca were some early characters depicted in London Dungeon.

Facts about London Dungeon 8: the interactive elements

The light and humorous horror is found as the thrilling element on the interaction between the actors and visitors.

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Facts about London Dungeon 9: the indoor water ride

In 1997, London Dungeon featured the first indoor water ride ever in London.



Facts about London Dungeon 10: the previous owner

In 1980s, London Dungeon was owned by Kunick Leisure Group. In 1992, Vardon purchased it. Vardon was changed into Merlin Entertainments in 1999 after Nick Varney bought it.

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