10 Facts about Luna Park

Post On: March 28, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Luna Park talk about an amusement park in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. People also call it Sydney’s Luna Park. In the past, it was known as Luna Park Milsons Point.  It is situated on the northern shore of Sydney Harbor at Milsons Point. In 1935, the construction of Luna Park started. Until 1972, it was only opened for nine months. The all year around season of Luna Park has begun since 1972.

Facts about Luna Park 1: closing in 1979

An accident occurred in Luna Park on the Ghost Train fire, which killed one adult and six kids. In mid-1979, the park was closed.

Facts about Luna Park 2: demolition

The demolition occurred on the former buildings of Luna Park.  The new construction took place. It adopted a new name of Harbourside Amusement Park. Then Luna Park name was reused again.

Facts about Luna Park

Facts about Luna Park

Facts about Luna Park 3: another closing

In 1988, Luna Park was closed again because some rides had to be repaired according to an independent engineering inspection.

Facts about Luna Park 4: ownership

The ownership of Luna Park was passed to a new body due to the failure of former owners to repair and reopen it before the deadline of NSW government.

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Facts about Luna Park 5: the Big Dipper rollercoaster

The residents complained about the noise pollution of the Big Dipper rollercoaster, which led into the closing of Luna Park 13 months after it was reopened in 1995.

Luna Park History

Luna Park History

Facts about Luna Park 6: development

The park could not gain profit due to the decline of attendance. Luna Park was reopened in 2004 after it was developed. It has been operated since 2004 until today.

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Facts about Luna Park 7: the main entrance

Luna Park has an amazing signature main entrance. It features an enormous smiling face with the width of 30 feet or 9 metres.

Facts about Luna Park 8: the number of different faces

There are eight different faces, which have been installed on the main entrance. In May 1994, Powerhouse Museum received the donation of seventh face of Luna Park.

Luna Park

Luna Park

Facts about Luna Park 9: the current face

The current face on the main entrance is the eighth face.  It was made of polyurethane.

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Facts about Luna Park 10: Crystal Palace

Luna Park features Crystal Palace established as an office space and dodgem hall. Today, it features a bar, restaurant, a BMX track, a dance hall and a games arcade.

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