10 Facts about Lymphoma

Post On: April 3, 2017
By: Agustina

A group of blood cell tumors is elaborated on Facts about Lymphoma. The development of this tumor is related to the white blood cells. Check the signs and symptoms to find out whether you have lymphoma or not. The symptoms include constant tiredness, itching, unintended weight loss, drenching sweats, fever and swollen lymph nodes. It is prevalent to have drenching sweat during the nighttime. Moreover, the enlarged lymph nodes usually are not painful. Let me show you other facts about lymphoma by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lymphoma 1: the subtypes of lymphoma

Lymphoma is divided in a number of subtypes. The primary one is NHL and HL. The former one stands for the non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The latter one is Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

Facts about Lymphoma 2: other common lymphoma

Immunoproliferative diseases and multiple myeloma are the other two major lymphomas according to WHO or World Health Organization.

Facts about Lymphoma

Facts about Lymphoma

Facts about Lymphoma 3: the cases of lymphoma

The non-Hodgkin lymphomas account for almost 90 percent of lymphoma cases in the world.

Facts about Lymphoma 4: the risk factors of Hodgkin lymphoma

The prevalent risk factors like medical history of family and Epstein–Barr virus infection are associated with Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Facts about Lymphoma 5: the risk factors of non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Some pesticides, immunosuppressant medications, HIV/AIDS, autoimmune diseases, T-lymphotropic virus infection, tobacco smoking and excessive consumption of red meat are included in the risk factors of non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

Lymphoma Facts

Lymphoma Facts

Facts about Lymphoma 6: diagnosis

Lymph node biopsy will be conducted to diagnose lymphoma if the patients have enlarged lymph nodes. The diagnosis is also supported by having bone marrow, urine and blood tests.

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Facts about Lymphoma 7: the spread of cancer

The physician will find out the extent of cancer of lymphoma by having medical imaging.  The cancerous lymphoma usually spreads into brain, liver and lungs.

Facts about Lymphoma 8: how to treat lymphoma

Surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy are some treatments conducted for lymphoma patients.

Facts about Lymph Nodes

Facts about Lymph Nodes

Facts about Lymphoma 9: plasmapheresis

Plasmapheresis is conducted to eliminate protein from the blood for the people infected with non-Hodgkin lymphomas. The blood is so thick because the lymphoma cells produce high amount of protein.

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Facts about Lymphoma 10: the global cases

In 2012, 566,000 people were infected by lymphoma, which resulted to the death of 305,000 people. This blood cancer is considered as the seventh prevalent cancer in the world. However, it is considered as the third prevalent cancer in children.

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