10 Facts about Maracas

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One of the impressive musical instruments is explained on Facts about Maracas. People also call it in different names such as shack-shacks and rumba shakers.  Maracas are often employed in various musical genres. The prominent ones include Latin and Caribbean music. You will know the popularity as well as the way to play maracas by reading the following post below:

Facts about Maracas 1: how to play with maracas

Do you know how to play maracas? You just have to shake the pair of maracas by holding the handles.

Facts about Maracas 2: tuning

If you think that you can tune maracas, you are wrong.  We cannot tune them.

Facts about Maracas

Facts about Maracas

Facts about Maracas 3: Tamaracas

Another term to call maracas is Tamaracas.  The Indian tribes like Guarani, Garifuna and Brazilian Tupinamba Indians considered maracas as the rattles of divination.

Facts about Maracas 4: the parts of maracas

You can shake the rattles using the natural grip. They are created from Lagenaria or gourds. The handle is fitted with calabash fruit or Crescentia.

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Facts about Maracas 5: the top part

The top of maracas usually features human hair. The mouth is represented through a cut slit in the maracas.

Maracas Facts

Maracas Facts

Facts about Maracas 6: pebbles

To make maracas rattle, the shamans inserted some pebbles in it. The red feather of Goaraz is used as the crown on maracas.

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Facts about Maracas 7: the importance of maracas

In traditional culture, maracas are very important. It is not only used for dancing or accompanying music, but also for healing the sick people. During the healing rites, the healers will use maracas.

Facts about Maracas 8: modern maraca balls

Plastic, wood and leather are the primary materials used to create the modern maraca balls. It has simple, easy and lightweight design. The traditional one is more intricate, but it presents unique details.



Facts about Maracas 9: a familiar musical instrument

Maracas are considered as a familiar musical instrument. Many people around the world are interested to play maracas for it is easy to play. However, other criticizes this musical instrument due to lack of rhythmic expression.

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Facts about Maracas 10: the sound

The sound of maracas can be manipulated. The people can play the maracas, which produce lower sound or higher sound. Maracas are included in a number of pieces created by the composers in 20th century such as Malcolm Arnold, Sergey Prokofiev and Edgard Varèse.

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