10 Fun Facts about Lemons

Post On: December 25, 2016
By: Agustina

Fun Facts about Lemons will talk about a yellow fruit, which has high level of citric acid content. Lemon has been in many parts of the world for culinary and non-culinary purposes.  This small evergreen tree is originated from Asia. The lemon fruit has the ellipsoidal shape. Most people use lemon for cleaning purposes and culinary by taking its juice. Let us get other interesting facts about lemons by reading the below post:

Fun Facts about Lemons 1: the origin of lemons

The exact origin of lemon is not known until today. However, some believe that the first region, which grew the fruit, is Assam, China or northern Burma.

Lemon Pic

Lemon Pic

Fun Facts about Lemons 2: a hybrid

Lemon is thought to be the hybrid of citron and sour orange according to the genetic study of lemon origin.

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Fun Facts about Lemons 3: entering Europe

Lemon was introduced to Europe in the 1st century AD via southern Italy. Even though it had been introduced, the people had not cultivated the tree. In 700 AD, lemon was brought to Persia, Iraq and Egypt.

Fun Facts about Lemons 4: lemon in literature

The tenth century Arabic treatise on farming was the first literature, which recorded about lemon. It was considered as important trees in the Islamic garden. In 1000 until 1150, lemon spread into the Arabian and Mediterranean regions.

Lemon Water Pictures

Lemon Water Pictures

Fun Facts about Lemons 5: the beginning of lemon cultivation

In the mid-15th century, Genoa cultivated lemons, which marked the first significant cultivation of the fruit in the European world.

Fun Facts about Lemons 6: introducing lemons to Americas

Christopher Columbus was the explorer who introduced lemons to the Americas in 1493. During his voyages to Hispaniola, he had lemon seeds. The seeds then were spread into the New World after the Spanish conquest.



Fun Facts about Lemons 7: the primary usages

In the past, lemons were primarily used for medicinal and ornamental purposes.

Fun Facts about Lemons 8: the major plantings of lemon

Florida and California heavily planted lemons in the nineteenth century.

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Fun Facts about Lemons 9: the word lemon

It was believed that the word lemon is derived from the Middle Eastern.  Others think that the word lemon is taken from limon, an Old French word.

Lemon Drink

Lemon Drink

Fun Facts about Lemons 10: vitamin C

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Lemon juice was applied in the diet of the seamen who suffered from scurvy by James Lind in 1747. At that time, the people had not realized about vitamin C.

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