10 Fun Facts about Luxembourg

Post On: April 1, 2017
By: Agustina

Are you curious to know about a landlocked country located in Western Europe? That is why; you have to read Fun Facts about Luxembourg. The official name is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The local culture is a mixture of Germanic and French cultures. During the Second World War, Luxembourg had to deal with various invasions from the neighboring countries. Thus, Luxembourg always tries to mediate with Germany and France. European Union was established partly caused by the participation of Luxembourg.

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 1: the major regions

Luxembourg has two major regions. The southern part is the Gutland. The northern part is Oesling.

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 2: area

Luxembourg only has a small area. It covers the area of 998 square miles or 2,586 sq km.  The area equals with Rhode Island in US.

Facts about Luxembourg

Facts about Luxembourg

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 3: population

In October 2012, the country was inhabited by 524,853 people. In Europe, it was placed at the eighth least-populous country.

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 4: the head of Luxembourg

The only remaining grand duchy in the world is housed in Luxembourg. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg serves the head of the country. The Grand Duke is Henri.

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Fun Facts about Luxembourg 5: economy

According to the economy, Luxembourg is included in the list of developed countries. In 2014, United Nations released a report that Luxembourg had the highest GDP per capita.

Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Facts

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 6: the location

Luxembourg has a strategic location. Thus, many powers tried to take over the land. In the Early Middle Ages, Frankish castle was located in Luxembourg. The castle earned great importance. In 16th and 17th centuries, the area became a bastion for Spanish Road.

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Fun Facts about Luxembourg 7: a founding member

Luxembourg plays an important role in the international world. The country co-founded the notable international organizations such as NATO, United Nations, OECD, Benelux and European Union.

Fun Facts about Luxembourg 8: the local economy

The market economy in Luxembourg is high and stable. It is driven by the innovative technology, low inflation and moderate growth.

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Fun Facts about Luxembourg 9: unemployment

Luxembourg has low level of unemployment rate.  The global financial crisis in 2008 affected Luxembourg by having the rising rate of unemployment at 6.1 percent.



Fun Facts about Luxembourg 10: the industrial sector

Until 1960s, steel dominated the industrial sector in Luxembourg. Over the years, it had diverse industries, which produced rubber and chemicals.

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