10 Facts about Limes

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The following facts about limes will tell the readers about the hybrid citrus fruit. The word lime is taken from Persian word limu, Arabic word lima and French word lime. The diameter of this fruit is measured at 1.2 to 2.4 inches or 3 to 6 cm.  It has the lime green tone and round shape.  The Persian lime, desert lime, kaffir lime and key lime are some species of citrus trees called by the people as limes. Check other interesting facts about limes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Limes 1: the usage of limes

Limes are mostly used to create the drinks for they contain high level of vitamin C. It is also used for food flavor.

Facts about Limes

Facts about Limes

Facts about Limes 2: the species of limes

There are various kinds of limes. Australian round lime, Australia finger lime, and Australian desert lime are from Australia. Other species are Persian lime, key lime, kaffir lime, and musk lime. The common lime is the Persian one developed in California.

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Facts about Limes 3: the origin

The exact origin of lime is not known until today. However, the people believe that it was developed for the first time in Southeast Asia or Indonesia for the first time. In 1000, the lime was introduced to northern Africa and Mediterranean region.

Facts about Limes 4: scurvy

At first lemon, then lime was consumed by the British sailors to prevent scurvy in the 19th century. Scurvy was considered as a common health condition faced by the navies when they were at sea.



Facts about Limes 5: the production of lime in 2013

India produced lime at 2.52 millions of tones in 2013.  The other top producers were China, Argentine, and Brazil. The total global production reached 15.42 million tonnes.

Facts about Limes 6: the comparison of lemon and limes

Lemons and limes are different. The former ones have lowered level of acids and sugars.



Facts about Limes 7: how to get the lime juice?

Purchase the fresh lime and squeeze it to get the limejuice. If you do not have time for squeezing the limes, purchase the bottled lime juice. It comes in two options, the sweetened or unsweetened ones.

Facts about Limes 8: cocktails

There are various cocktails created by using limejuice.

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Facts about Limes 9: the Indian cuisine

Lime is considered as the primary ingredient for the South Indian cuisine.

Lime Pic

Lime Pic

Facts about Limes 10: the other cuisines

The other cuisines, which use lime, are the Thai, Mexican and Vietnamese cuisines.

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