10 Facts about Ludlow Castle

Post On: March 24, 2017
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Read Facts about Ludlow Castle to know the ruined medieval fortification.  It is located in Ludlow town. When you are in Ludlow Castle, you can see the beauty of River Teme. Walter de Lacy established Ludlow Castle after the Norman Conquest. In England, it was one of the earliest examples of stone castle.  The ownership of Ludlow Castle changed a couple time during the civil war in 12th century.

Facts about Ludlow Castle 1: the fortification

The fortification was added to Ludlow Castle by installing a large outer bailey and Great Tower.

Facts about Ludlow Castle 2: Geoffrey de Geneville

Geoffrey de Geneville controlled Geoffrey de Geneville in the mid-century. The inner bailey was reconstructed. During the Second Barons’ War, Ludlow Castle played a key role.

Facts about Ludlow Castle

Facts about Ludlow Castle

Facts about Ludlow Castle 3: Roger Mortimer

In 1301, the castle was handed down to Roger Mortimer.  His family owned it for more than 100 years. The internal complex was extended during his ownership.

Facts about Ludlow Castle 4: the Duke of York

In 1425, Ludlow Castle was passed down to the Duke of York, Richard as the inheritor of the castle. During the Wars of the Roses, Ludlow Castle was symbolized as Yorkist authority.

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Facts about Ludlow Castle 5: the Crown

Ludlow Castle was handed to the Crown after Edward IV earned the throne of England in 1461. He was the son of Richard.

Ludlow Castle Pic

Ludlow Castle Pic

Facts about Ludlow Castle 6: Ludlow Castle in 17th century

Ludlow Castle had been used to host a number of luxurious affairs and functions in 17th century. One of the important events was the performance of masque Comus of John Milton.

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Facts about Ludlow Castle 7: English Civil War

During the English Civil War in 1640s, the Royalists controlled Ludlow Castle. In 1646, the parliamentarian army was capable for capturing the castle. It was abandoned after the Council was eliminated in 1689.

Facts about Ludlow Castle 8: leasing the property

In 1772, the Earl of Powis, Henry Herber leased Ludlow Castle from the Crown. The ruins of the castle were re-landscaped. The outright of the castle was purchased by Edward Clive, his brother-in-law in 1811.

Ludlow Castle Image

Ludlow Castle Image

Facts about Ludlow Castle 9: the construction

The outer bailey featured a mansion. However, the rest of Ludlow Castle was untouched. Many artists like to go to Ludlow Castle due to the unique building.

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Facts about Ludlow Castle 10: the size

The size of Ludlow Castle is measured at 152 by 133 meter or 500 by 435 feet. It spans on the area of 2 hectares or 5 acres.

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