10 Facts about Lymph Nodes

Post On: April 3, 2017
By: Agustina

The lymphatic system featured a kidney shaped organ called a lymph gland or lymph node. It can be found in all parts of the body as an adaptive immune system. Lymph nodes also play an important role in the circulatory system for it is linked with lymphatic vessels. The white blood cells like B and T lymphocytes are located in lymph nodes.  The immune system can perform well if the lymph nodes are healthy. They are used by the body to prevent cancer cells and foreign particles. Let us find out other important facts about lymph nodes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Lymph Nodes 1: detoxification function

If you think that lymph nodes perform detoxification function, you are wrong. The role is at the hand of kidneys and liver.

Facts about Lymph Nodes 2: the secondary lymphoid organ

The secondary lymphoid organ in a lymphatic system is at the hand of lymph nodes.

Lymph Node

Lymph Node

Facts about Lymph Nodes 3: capsule

Talking about the structure of a lymph node, you can find a fibrous capture used to enclose it.  The inner medulla and an outer cortex are its primary components.

Facts about Lymph Nodes 4: clinical significance

The physician can tell the health of a person through the lymph nodes.  A number of diseases may lead into the enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes. The diseases may be mild, acute or even severe.

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Facts about Lymph Nodes 5: cancer staging

Cancer staging is identified from the lymph nodes. The physicians will be capable to decide the prognosis and treatment of the cancer patients through the lymph node condition.

Lymph Nodes

Lymph Nodes

Facts about Lymph Nodes 6: texture

Lymph nodes can be tender, firm or even hard when they are enlarged, inflamed or swollen.

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Facts about Lymph Nodes 7: the size and shape

The length of a lymph node is ranging from a few millimeters up to 2 centimeters. The shape is oval. It reminds you with the shape of a human kidney.

Facts about Lymph Nodes 8: the substance

The inner medulla and outer cortex are the two main substances found inside the fibrous capsule of lymph nodes. The paracortex contains the T cells, while the superficial cortex houses the B cells.

Facts about Lymph Nodes

Facts about Lymph Nodes

Facts about Lymph Nodes 9: medulla

Medullary cords, sinuses and large blood vessels are located in medulla of lymph nodes.

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Facts about Lymph Nodes 10: the location of lymph nodes

All parts of human body have lymph nodes. Most of them are found within or near the trunk.  The lymph nodes located on the neck, head and under arm can be felt when they are enlarged or swollen.

Are you well informed after reading facts about lymph nodes?