10 Facts about Mao Zedong

Post On: May 16, 2017
By: Agustina

One of the prominent leaders from China is elaborated on Facts about Mao Zedong. The people in China consider him as the founding father of People’s Republic of China. He was also known as a Chinese revolutionary. During his life, he was often called as Chairman Mao. He was born on 26th December 1893 and died on 9th September 1976. Since 1949, he became the Chairman for Communist Party of China. His leadership ended due to his death in 1976. Let us get other facts about Mao Zedong below:

Facts about Mao Zedong 1: Maoism

Maoism is the ideology established by the point of view and ideas of Mao Zedong, which adopted the Marxist-Leninist political policies, military strategies and theories.

Facts about Mao Zedong 2: the early point of view

During his early life, he believed in anti-imperialist outlook and Chinese nationalist.  The two events, which affected his point of view, include May Fourth Movement of 1919 and Xinhai Revolution of 1911.

Facts about Mao Zedong

Facts about Mao Zedong

Facts about Mao Zedong 3: Marxism–Leninism

When he worked at Peking University, Marxism–Leninism theories influenced his thought.

Facts about Mao Zedong 4: CPC

CPC stands for Communist Part of China. It was established by Mao Zedong. In 1927, Zedong led the Autumn Harvest Uprising.

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Facts about Mao Zedong 5: the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army

The Chinese Workers and Peasants’ Red Army was established partly because of the contribution of Mao when China was in civil war. During the long march, he earned the position as the head of CPC.

Mao Zedong Young

Mao Zedong Young

Facts about Mao Zedong 6: the Nationalists

The Nationalists were defeated by Mao, which made them settled in Taiwan in 1949. PRC or People’s Republic of China was proclaimed by Mao on October 1st, 1949. The CPC controlled the PRC.

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Facts about Mao Zedong 7: transformation of economy

Mao tried to transform the economy of China to an industrial economy from an agrarian one. The Great Leap Forward was the campaign launched by Mao in 1957.

Facts about Mao Zedong 8: famine

Famine occurred in China under Mao Zedong’s reign because of the campaign. The people who died because of famine reached 15 to 45 million.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Facts about Mao Zedong 9: Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was the American president welcomed by Mao in Beijing in 1972.

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Facts about Mao Zedong 10: death

Mao died at the age of 82 after he had a series of heart attacks. Hua Guofeng was his successor.

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