10 Facts about Marcus Garvey

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Facts about Marcus Garvey discuss the information about the Jamaican political leader. He was born on August 17, 1887 and died on June 10, 1940. He was also known as an orator, entrepreneur, journalist and publisher. He supported Pan-Africanism during his life. People also recognize him as the founder of UNIA-ACL, which stands for Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. Let us get the interesting facts about Garvey below:

Facts about Marcus Garvey 1: African Diaspora

He encouraged the African people to come back to their ancestral home in Africa by establishing a shipping and passenger’s line called Black Star Line.

Facts about Marcus Garvey 2: Garveyism

Garveyism is named after Garvey. It was used to call the unique idea of Garvey related to Pan-African philosophy.

Marcus Garvey Flag of Ghana

Marcus Garvey Flag of Ghana

Facts about Marcus Garvey 3: prophet

Garvey was considered as a prophet in some sects. He played an important role for inspiring the movement of Rastafari and Nation of Islam.

Facts about Marcus Garvey 4: “African Fundamentalism”

Garvey elaborated his ideas about Africa in Garvey’s “African Fundamentalism” published in the Negro World.

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Facts about Marcus Garvey 5: the early life

The birthplace of Garvey was located in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.  There were 11 kids in his family and he was the last one. The children who survived adulthood were only Garvey and Indiana, his sister.

Marcus Garvey Facts

Marcus Garvey Facts

Facts about Marcus Garvey 6: family

The young Marcus loved reading for his father had a very large library. At that time, his family had stable finance. During his youth, he was educated at elementary schools in St. Ann’s Bay. Racism was prevalent at school. That is the first experience of Garvey dealing with racism.

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Facts about Marcus Garvey 7: Costa Rica

Garvey had a maternal uncle in Costa Rica. He found a job on a banana plantation as a timekeeper. In 1911, he worked for La Nacionale, a daily newspaper as an editor.

Facts about Marcus Garvey 8: influence

Garvey’s ways of thinking had been influenced by the civil rights activists in that period. He was interested with the ideas of Pan-Africanism and Booker T. Washington.

Facts about Marcus Garvey

Facts about Marcus Garvey

Facts about Marcus Garvey 9: in London

In 1912 until 1914, he lived in London. He took classes in philosophy and law in Birkbeck College. During his time in London, Garvey was employed in African Times and Orient Review.

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Facts about Marcus Garvey 10: personal life

He married twice. His first wife was Amy Ashwood Garvey. Then he married his second wife Amy Jacques Garvey in 1922 after separating from his first wife. The couple was blessed with two sons.

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